Gateshead Council – Restoration of Chase Park, Whickham

In January 2017, BCE Northern began works as principal contractor for Gateshead Council to undertake the restoration, renewal and upgrade of Chase Park, Whickham.

Chase Park is a public park at the heart of Whickham, much loved and frequented by the local community and maintained by local resident group, Friends of Chase Park. The park was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund grant of just under £1 million to restore and improve the park including the listed windmill, ornamental garden, entrance gates and paths.

The major improvement works to the public open space comprised the following main elements of work:

• Conservation of the existing Grade II Listed windmill
• Restoration, renewal, removal, upgrading and extension of paving network
• Enhancements to the ‘Heart of the Park’
• Improvement and restoration of park entrances
• Restoration of the sunken garden
• Soft landscaping including seeding, planting and soiling works, as well as small scale tree management
• Improvements to drainage
• Creation of a new circuit path
• Outdoor seating for the café
• Removal and renewal of street furniture
• Improved signage and interpretation
• Creation of a woodland trail
• Improvements to play and exercise facilities including a new trim trail, skate and BMX area, tennis courts, MuGA, and junior and toddler play
• Creation of a community garden and orchard