Gypsy, Roma & Traveller (GRT) Sites – Durham County Council

As a framework partner of Durham County Council for the delivery of Civil Engineering Works, BCE Northern was selected to undertake the works following a further mini competition under the Framework Agreement.

The six GRT sites within the County of Durham aim to meet the needs of the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities as well as those passing through the County.

The GRT Sites Project was one of the largest and most complex construction projects that the Council has delivered and the largest of its kind nationally.

The works involved the construction of brick built amenity, disabled, warden and community blocks with extensive external infrastructure of concrete caravan pitches, tarmacadam access carriageways & footways, installation of foul & surface water drainage, utility services & ducting, fencing and hard & soft landscaping works.

All works were undertaken to a strict construction and delivery programme to ensure handover and occupancy to the agreed deadlines with the GRT Community.

All works were completed on time, to programme and within the Client’s budgetary constraints.