Harton Quay – Sedum Panel Replacement

In July 2018, BCE Northern was employed by South Tyneside Council to undertake works to replace the timber Sedum Panel wall at Harton Quays Park, South Shields.

Harton Quays Park is an important part of the wider regeneration of South Tyneside. The aim was to reconnect South Shields to the River Tyne and form a key link between the town centre and the river. The location of the park offers an opportunity to create an important piece of public space for South Shields whilst connecting the existing Ferry Landing and passengers from North Shields to the centre of the town.

The design of the park is defined by the ‘Ribbon Wall’ that runs approximately north-south
along the River Tyne river frontage. The Ribbon Wall acts as a landscape feature as well as a retaining structure that accommodates level changes through the site. A series of activity
spaces and feature spaces which are connected by a network of flowing paths make up the
key elements of the park.

The works to the ‘Ribbon Wall’ included:
– Isolation of the existing sedum panel irrigation system
– Removal and disposal of the existing sedum panels in the ribbon wall
– Construction and Installation of the new timber frame and panels
– Infilling of the drainage trench with gravel
– Supply and lay paving materials, kerbs, edgings and drainage channels
– Supply and install SUDs channel, and associated drainage and planting medium to
base of Ribbon Wall
– Design and construction of landscape natural stone face retaining walls
– Supply and install/fix street furniture including, benches, bollards, bins, plant
support systems etc
– Soft Landscaping