In February 2021, BCE Northern was appointed as Principal Contractor by South Tyneside Council for the drainage improvement works at Lizard Lane, Whitburn.

Lizard Lane is a busy link road connecting the Whitburn and Marsden areas of South Tyneside. The road has long been affected by frequent heavy rain combined with the clay soil which has resulted in the carriageway remaining flooded for long periods and causing problems even after the rain had stopped.

The flooding caused disruption on the busy highway past the golf club and riding school and a danger to pedestrians, drivers and other road users.

Surface water run off flooded the road from the golf course and adjoining horse paddocks and overwhelmed the existing,inadequate drainage. A Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) was supplied by Hydrorock Solutions as the lack of space in the verge and complications from other services underground required flexibility in the design as well as a more effective drainage system. The system designed and installed was a Hydrorock Aquifer Water Infiltration System.

The Scope of Works comprised of:

• Site Clearance
• Drainage Installation
• Service Ducts
• Installation of a Hydrorock Attenuation System
• Kerbing
• Channel Gully Installation
• Tarmac Resurfacing