South Tyneside Council – Civil Engineering and Public Highways Framework 

BCE Northern Ltd is Framework Partner with South Tyneside Council and has successfully delivered in excess of 200 individual civil engineering and public highway works schemes throughout the borough with expenditure in excess of £5 million. 

As lead partner, BCE Northern is responsible for delivering amongst other schemes on behalf of South Tyneside Council, their bulk earthworks, drainage works, hard and soft landscaping and highway maintenance programmes. As part of the framework programmes, we have recently been involved in, including but not limited to: 

  • The ‘Healthier Metro Neighbourhoods’ Programme which includes  
  • Improvements to the Public Realm area at the entrance to Chichester Metro Station 
  • Improvements to provision for cyclists and pedestrians including wider footpaths and improved signage 
  • All works were completed in and around busy, operating Metro Stations with high volumes of pedestrian traffic, involving well planned phasing of works 
  • Works were phased to minimise disruption and to be carried out at the same time as works carried out by Nexus, to ensure minimal pedestrian, business and traffic interruption  
  • Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Programme 
  • ‘Future Proofing’ infrastructure improvements to increase cycling and walking around the Borough 
  • Creating new routes and upgrading existing ones 
  • The A19 Cycleway Improvements, split into several sections, were completed through residential areas, across open public green spaces and along busy public highways.   
  • Horsley Hill Shopping Square 
  • Improvements to paving, landscaping, street furniture and parking facilities at Horsley Hill Shopping Square, a busy shopping thoroughfare, at the entrance of shop fronts and businesses to create an improved street scene for visitors.  
  • All works were completed while businesses remained open as usual and organised to minimise disruption to business owners and the public.  
  • Details of the scheme were displayed in local shops and the Marsden Road Health and Wellbeing Centre.  
  • Flags to Flex Schemes 
  • Improvements to pedestrian routes around the Borough, predominantly residential streets, shopping and retail high streets and access routes to public transport 
  • These works involve daily interaction with local residents, businesses and the general public, maintaining the safety of the pedestrian routes, careful planning and communication to minimise disruption and to allow for arranging alternative resident car parking for example.  

All works orders are executed to the NEC Short Contract to agreed budgets and working programmes to achieve an objective of continuous improvement in the quality and delivering of the works.  

The scope of works also undertaken as part of the framework agreement include:  

  • Public realm regeneration Schemes 
  • Road and footpath repair and reinstatement works 
  • New highway construction schemes 
  • Construction of footpaths and cycle ways 
  • Construction of roundabouts on existing highways 
  • Alterations, signalling or widening of existing highways 
  • Road safety engineering schemes 
  • Road markings 
  • Road surfacing 
  • Vehicle Restraints Systems 
  • Construction of car parks 
  • Flood alleviation and drainage schemes 
  • Bridges and structural works 
  • Maintenance of and installation of new street lighting 
  • Inspection of and repair to highways and street lighting 
  • Summer maintenance and beach levelling 
  • Winter maintenance and snow clearing 

During the completion of the above schemes BCE Northern have gained extensive experience and demonstrated our ability to provide services that meet the specific requirements of our Clients. We are well versed in:  

  • Phasing of works to minimise the impact of reduced footfall associated with key businesses adjacent works 
  • Sequencing of works to prevent any business interruption, including out of hours working to appropriate business access/egress at all times 
  • Correct and proper installation of fencing and signage to maintain wayfinding  
  • Business, resident, pedestrian and client liaison to ensure all stakeholders are fully engaged in the works 
  • Appropriate traffic management and notification of all due notices, ensuring that works are planned well ahead and disruption is minimised 

Our management team facilitates this typical approach on most of our framework schemes and programmes, which means to BCE staff and operatives this is ‘second nature’ and engrained in our DNA.  

We have a proven track record of full stakeholder management, which is evidenced through continuous, positive feedback, which when coupled with the exemplary quality of our works leads to a very successful project.