STC – Beach Levelling

In May 2023, BCE Northern successfully delivered the Beach Levelling and Coastal Protection contract for South Tyneside Council at South Shields. In April 2024 we were awarded the contract to deliver the project annually over the next three years. The works are completed every year to clear sand from pathways, re- align beach profiles and sand dunes and move the cleared sand around the site, before the bathing season to allow full public access. The site is a tourist destination, as well as being a coastal defence with a significant amount of amenity enhancement and public realm works including bespoke artwork.  

Primary bulk movement is undertaken by D6 Dozers and 25t dump trucks, with intermediate movement being completed by a 30T Excavator and 6t dump trucks. Finally the smaller intricate movement adjacent footways and boardwalks is undertaken utilizing smaller plant of 6t excavators and 3t dumpers with weight restrictions to areas more susceptible to damage. 

No sand is ever removed from the beaches in South Shields, it is levelled out and dispersed to other areas on the beach where needed.